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Here are comments from some of the 38 participants who attended Dave's presentation on "Grief and Loss Issues Involving the Death of a Child": (Professionals)

  • "The fact that Dave is a bereaved parent brings a great deal of first hand knowledge that we benefit from not being bereaved parents."

  • "This isn't my first class with Dave. I always walk away with something new.

  • "I appreciated David's honesty with his experience both as a bereaved parent and a clinician."

  • "I learned not only about aspects of this topic, but also insights about similar dynamics of dealing with loss which I will find helpful in working through my divorces and being attentive to friends dealing with the "loss" of their son as they'd hoped for, as they face his severe psych/behavioral problems as an adolescent."

Here are some comments about Dave’s abilities as a writer, teacher and speaker: (Professionals)

  • Dave Roberts is a magnificent blend of exceptional teacher and compassionate speaker. He teaches with an excellent awareness of current knowledge, heart-centered love, and a wonderful devotion to his students and readers. Dave is a tireless worker with a unique ability to lead divergent groups of people into a cohesive mindful acknowledgment of the immense spiritual nature of our existence. Dave has a marvelous skill of transferring his concepts into easily understood, clearly written passages of thoughtful eloquence. Love surrounds Dave Roberts, encompassing all that partake of his wisdom in a glorious spiral of everlasting life.
    - Rebecca Austill-Clausen, MS, OTR/L, FAOTA Author of Change Maker: How My Brother’s Death Woke Up My Life.

  • Dave and I met by chance in August 2010 when I was signing up for the Beyond Words conference he organized and coordinated. Through these past 10 years our relationship has evolved and it is with the greatest confidence that I recommend his talents for teaching, counseling and speaking.

    I consider Dave to be my colleague, student, mentor and friend, our relationship is multifaceted. He is educated and continues researching new ideas and beliefs to expand his knowledge. His warmth and easy going nature makes it easy to share any detail of your life without fear of judgement.

    I have seen first-hand the connection he has with his College Students. His skill for being organized allows his students to embrace the information he is teaching. Dave is a forward thinking Teacher who utilizes the newest technologies empowering him to create an interesting and engaging curriculum. He shares the wisdom attained from 60+ years of real life experiences into the classroom, engaging the students to better understand how life is a process of their own creation. Any school or university will quickly see his classes fill up.
    -Rev. Patty Furino, Aspire Place

  • "As a result of the challenges presented due to the death of his daughter Jeannine, Dave has found meaning by compassionately helping individuals and families “work through “their grief following catastrophic loss. As a contributing author for The Open to Hope Foundation since 2009 , Dave has contributed many quality articles on various aspects of the grief experience. Dave is a dynamic workshop presenter who has the ability to inspire individuals who have experienced life altering loss. "
    Dr. Heidi Horsley, Assistant Professor, Columbia University Executive Director: Open to Hope Foundation Cable T.V. & Radio Host: The Open to Hope Show

  • I’ve met a lot of people in my travels, many walks of life. I’ve also learned that finding the “real deal” is rarity. Dave is realistic, in the moment, salt of the earth. He utilizes past experiences to guide his present moment to help others into productive futures.
    - Kris Munsch- Assistant Professor of Applied Technology, Fort Hayes State University

Here are some comments from students about Dave’s Parental Bereavement” course at Utica College:(Students)

  • “This was one of the most informative and best classes I have taken at Utica College.”

  • “Amazing! I would recommend this class to anyone who has to deal with people.”

  • “Highly effective, strives to reach his audience, cares about the subject material. Someone, I would trust to guide me both professionally and academically.”

  • “He is very passionate about the subject and conveys that to the students.

Here are comments from students about Dave’s “Death, Dying and Bereavement course at Utica College:(Students)

  • "Dave was able to enrich the subject of death, dying and bereavement by elaborating on his own personal grief and how he is handling it. This is a subject that needs a personal touch, and Dave was able to provide it.”

  • “This course forced me to think about death and the things I want out of life, and what I want to do before I die.”

  • “The environment was fantastic. Dave made it easy for everyone to talk openly about a difficult subject.”

  • "Great course. I learned so many new aspects relating to death and dying that will help in my career."

  • "Every single time I left class I was thinking about what we talked about for a longer period of time. My thoughts about death never just stopped when it hit 3:45, they just kept going. I would think about what was taught for a long time which I think is better than just forgetting everything right after."

  • "His use of self-disclosure on his own experience with death allowed us to be more comfortable sharing our stories. That really allowed for us to learn better and created a wonderful classroom environment."

  • "Due to the way this course was framed I was more willing to self-disclose then I have been in almost any class."

What participants have liked  about Dave's workshop: "The Bereaved Parent -Five Years Later"  (Parents)

  • "Dynamic, held audience attention, great content ."

  • " Well done and helpful for us seasoned grievers. Need more like this. Loved handouts and book list."

  • "Affirmations of things I know and am feeling."

  • " Very powerful and organized. I will use his thoughts and ideas."

  • "Different perspective at looking at grief-very positive".

  • “David’s personal and genuine care for all parents, and his personal experiences were so helpful.”

  • “ The information on Native American philosophy- Dave’s personal story”

  • “ The embrace of every system, faith and path through this(journey).

What participants  have liked about Dave's workshop: "The Bereaved Parent-Issues Involving Surviving Grandchildren (Grandparents)

  • "Very interactive and blending of experience with information."

  • "Very informative."

  • "Open for questions- great information."

  • “Handouts and power point presentation”

  • “When I shared my story”
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